WoW – The best laid plans of mice and men will often go astray.

When plans do not work out, we always seek to understand why. We can take a couple of different approaches. We can look outside ourselves and find particular circumstances that did not come to fruition. Maybe we depended upon someone to do something within a timely manner so that we could move forward with the project. Yet, because of one thing or another, they did not complete their end. Therefore, the plans fall apart.

The reality you have to accept is your responsibility for participating in creating the non-compliance and the non-completion. The reality is that you chose that person to do that job. Perhaps it is an employee or a co-worker, but either way there is a kind of co-dependence and they, through their own patterns of behavior, did not complete their tasks in a timely manner.

It could be that they have a pattern of procrastination or a pattern of poor time management. There are so many variables involved that one has to question. Remember, the human mind can rationalize and justify anything.

Depending upon who you are working with, they may have a rational, justifiable reason as to why they did not complete the task on time. In what ways did you participate in that? Did you overburden the person? Did you create situations in which it would have been impossible to complete the task on time because of the amount of work involved and the late inception of the plans that were laid? Did you actually plan your work and work your plan?

One thing to consider with these types of experiences is something I call the four P’s: Plan, Prepare, Project and Provide. I have written about this before and it is worth repeating because of its value and power.

Plan your work, Prepare for the job, Project ahead (what is it from within and without that will interfere with accomplishing this to the best of your ability and completing this endeavor?), and Provide the understandings of your concepts and patterns at work. Seek to understand the energy, finances or whatever else is necessary for the planning, preparing and projecting, not only on an external level but, more importantly, on an internal level.

And then there is Mother Nature and her forever changing sense of humor. It is these times, when natural conditions interfere with, or even force the cancellation of plans, that require a different approach to the situation. This is when you have to draw on your inner peace so as not to get disappointed or angry about the event. After all, there is nothing you can do about it. So when you get lemons, make lemonade with a double dose of sugar so that you can help alleviate the angst of those around you.

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