WoW – Realize that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

This is true on many different levels. The word marriage can be applied to more than a relationship with another human being. Marriage is basically any relationship. On some levels, man has made it into a contractual agreement where each person has individual areas of responsibility and both people have certain areas of combined effort. The reality is that man’s contract has been set up in such a way that, on some levels, it is almost impossible to fulfill because we are different.

We are individuals with our own wants, needs, desires, hopes and ambitions. A marriage could be your working relationships with your boss and your co-workers. Remember, take the definition of a word and expand it as far as possible and apply it to as many different applications as you can, because within the expansion of the definition you will gain other insights and understandings that will help you to achieve mastery, which is really the goal in life … to master those concepts and patterns of behavior that work against you and keep you tied in and co-dependent to man’s way of thinking, which is not necessarily in keeping with God’s way of thinking.

This raises another question. What is God’s way of thinking? God simply is. It is an energy that can neither be created nor destroyed. It is something that is endless. In the readings from the Alpha group that we used to receive, it was said that God does not even remember anything before itself. They also said that what God loves is active participation and not passive acceptance. So, the expression “let go and let God” is nonsense because it puts your subconscious back in control seeking to fulfill subconscious expectations.

Grab hold and take control. Be the captain of your ship and master your own destiny. You goal is to seek unification within and without.

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