WoW – Perform acts of goodness from within.

This ties into loving without expecting anything in return. When you perform acts of goodness, such as helping an elderly person across the street or lifting a bag or opening a door, it makes you feel good by doing so and it helps someone else.

However, there is a concept you have to be wary of, which is sacrifice. Sacrifice is a concept that is driven into our spiritual or religious beliefs. Sometimes you feel that you need to be good and constantly do for others and put everyone else before yourself. That is not necessarily acting out of goodness, but may be coming from the concept of sacrifice and that everyone else must come before you.

You need to understand the truth of that, so when you do something out of the goodness of your heart it is not because you are operating from the concept of sacrifice where everyone else comes first, but because you are coming from the place of Divine Love. You see that something needs to be done and you have the ability to do it.

Today, as you go out into life, be mindful, open, receptive, aware and attuned. Help where you can, but not from a place of sacrifice because when you do that there will be a subtle expectation for something in return, which will negate all the good because it will work against you. Lest you forget, when you expect something in return and you do not receive, then what? What will be your actions and reactions towards that person? Things to ponder.

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