WoW – Parts of life are left to chance.

I have seen this phrase often, and I don’t know why this would be considered “words of wisdom”. Obviously, I don’t agree.

I think that everything that occurs in life is a product of your doing and nothing happens by chance. Everything happens with an end result in mind. It is orchestrated and followed through by specific design with an end result in mind. Therefore, nothing is by chance; everything is by design.

Remember, your subconscious mind is seeking to fulfill very specific expectations that you maintain about who you are supposed to be. So, how could anything be by chance since you are constantly co-creating your reality? It is not a random thing. It is a directed thing and you are the director. You are the one sending out those electromagnetic waves to draw to you those things that you need, or repel from you those things that you do not want.

The other side is that you could be repelling those things that would help you achieve a different level of insight, but that different level could create other triggers, which would take you back to fulfilling your subconscious expectations. Since there would be a fear of change because of the rejection, you would not want to take that path.

True growth is creating an intent and using your will to manifest it and at the same time seeking to understand all of the factors that would go into blocking you from achieving your goal. Once they are understood you are now in a position of strength to make meaningful changes.

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