WoW – Love all, trust a few, and wrong no one

Now here’s a challenge if ever there was one. In fact, this particular thought was presented to us over 2,000 years ago. I’m not sure if it is in the Old Testament, but it certainly is in the New Testament. As a group, we have not been able to live up to that lofty ideal. However, ideals are something to be sought and put into practice.

What can you do everyday to be more loving to the people you live with, work with, go to school with and socialize with. One thing is to seek a positive trait that you can easily recall, especially when you are having an attitude towards them. Of course, the attitude could be stemming from a situation about something.

I will always leave it to you to see where the information fits, where it can shed light or, better yet, provide an insight that will allow for greater understandings to develop about the other person and, more importantly, yourself.

There is an easy way to love everyone. See them as being an aspect of the Creative Continuum called God. Another method is to become a “Passer by”. This is from the Gospel According to Thomas. It is a Universal Teaching.

Look at people as constructs of patternistic behavior. Understand that some of the things they do is because they are trying to fulfill a need within. You may not like that aspect of them, nonetheless they are souls seeking to work out their stuff. I know that not everyone is doing that. That does not matter as long as you are seeking within to understand Self and to grow and develop the spiritual gifts that dwell within you.

Trust is another issue all together. When you are responsible for the welfare of another, or many, it requires trust. You trust others to live up to their words and agreements, both spoken and implied. The longer the experience you have had with someone, the greater degree of trust you MAY have with them.

Trust is lost when the person cannot deliver on the things trusted to them. Over time, this erodes most of the trust so that you may no longer depend on this person to fulfill their end of the agreement.

Do no harm is a lot easier said than done. The challenge is to present what you must in such a way that it does not raise the defenses of the person you are confronting. Otherwise, they will be hurt or offended. Physical harm needs no comment. Emotional harm is another matter. On some levels, if you are involved with another person, feelings will get hurt because each person has their own set of values, ideals, standards and guides. These lead to value judgments and they do harm to both parties.

Love, trust and be gentle as doves and wise as foxes.

Trust is also something earned.

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