WoW – Know the ropes.

This is very good advice. The term “ropes” stimulates multiple conversations. With ropes you can tie yourself up, you can tie others up, and you can even tie up situations. You can use a rope as a climbing tool and to capture things as well.

What are the ropes you use in your life? What and who has you tied up and who and what do you have tied up? What are the loose ends about?

Know your ropes. Know your strengths. Grow them and develop them. Seek to understand what your weaknesses are. Weaknesses are like lemons, so make lemonade out of them. When you shore up the weaknesses, there is less opportunity for unfavorable situations to occur and less opportunity for things to rattle your cage and upset you. When you become upset, you lose focus.

Discover your strengths and build upon them. There is the Universal Teaching: Use what you have and more will be given. More importantly, know your weaknesses so you can strengthen them.

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