WoW – Help others as they help you.

This sounds like “If you do something for me, then I’ll do something for you.” Ideally, it would be so much better for humanity if we all did for others without any expectation of anything in return and do things out of the joy of doing, the joy of giving and the joy of loving.

This relates to another Universal Teaching that says that if you “cast your bread upon the water it will come back to you.” In our current terms you would say that this Teaching is “You get back what you give out.”

If you do not seek to be rewarded for those things that you do when you come to the aid of someone else or when you share an insight or understanding, then you do not imply the energy of obligation to that person.

All of us need help. Some are afraid to ask. Others do not want to be obligated nor do they want to return the favor.

Find out where you stand in these matters and move forward from there. However, keep in mind the concept of sacrifice. Some will go out of their way to help others at a cost to themselves or their family. This is not necessarily a good thing. This can lead to disharmony on many different levels within relationships. This is especially true if the tendency is to put everyone else first and you or family members or matters second. This is sacrifice and it is unhealthy.

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