WoW – Do not become what you cannot stand.

Why would you? Under normal circumstances you would not. Sometimes circumstances place you in a situation where you have to do or say something or act in a particular way, which is not the way you want to be. I would simply say, do not do it. Do not compromise and become what you do not like because you will be in conflict, which is the cause of all disharmony. Conflict is the beginning of disease.

In my book “Disease Symbology Handbook” I discuss how concepts create the belief system, which is the fundamental cause of all diseases, conditions, symptoms, accidents and events. They are all the result of conflict between your conscious desire of what you want to do, be or say and the subconscious expectations of who you think you should be; what you think you should say and how you think you should act.

Remember, it is your subconscious mind that drives you, and not your conscious desires. Your subconscious mind is seeking constantly to fulfill particular concepts that you believe you must manifest in order to maintain the acceptance and approval of your mother. In your deep spiritual Self that lies underneath your subconscious mind, it knows that it entered into the material plane from the spiritual realm through the mother.

Because our desire is truly to be spiritual and return to the spiritual realm, we want the approval of our mother because we think that is the doorway back home. No one wants to be rejected by that. So, you do not become what you want to be.

The other side of the coin is that you do need to change and be other than what you are in order to truly break free from the concepts that hold you prisoner. Self-knowledge is a hacksaw blade that can cut the bars and allow you to gain freedom.

However, freedom is costly and you will find that as you continue to grow and evolve, many of those you call friends and family will disappear. You have to be strong enough to know that, on some levels, that is really the way it should be. Everyone progresses at a different rate, and although everyone is seeking to return to the spiritual realm, it is accomplished at different rates.

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