WoW – A person is not deceived by others. He deceives himself.

There is an element of truth to this. It relates back to the cliché, “You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.” Both of those are tied into our subconscious concepts that we live by.

If disappointment is a pattern of behavior, a pattern of experience in your life where people constantly disappoint you for one reason or another, that is where some of the deception comes in. If you are unaware of your patterns of behavior and you keep finding yourself in those situations, then you are deceiving yourself. You are setting yourself up for the disappointment by doing certain actions to trigger the outcome. The others are merely being who they think they are supposed to be. For them, creating disappointment may be their pattern of behavior.

There are some folks that may also thrive on rejection; either by rejecting you first or by creating situations in which you reject them out of your own disappointment in who they are. This is both true and false.

There is an element of discernment that must be present in one’s consciousness at all times. This is what mastery of life is truly about. If you are not quite sure why you are here, I will share with you that it is to master your life so that the soul within your body can continue its spiritual journey toward total unification with the Creative Continuum called God.

Seek to maintain a continuous consciousness. I know you are awake and conscious, but I am talking about a consciousness at a much higher level – a consciousness that sees energy, reads symbols, understands concepts, patterns and cycles and is making an exerted effort to master the forces in life that confront you, and not just give up and “Let go and let God.” God said that you have dominion over everything. Exercise it. God loves active participation not passive acceptance.

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