WoW – Be original.

What a difficult thing to do, especially in a society that demands conformity. What is originality? Some may say you are self-centered, ego-centric, a sociopath, conceited, etc. There are so many things people would say if you sought to be original because our society has set in motion, and almost demands from everyone, conformity and not originality.

Everyone is supposed to be a spoke on the giant wheel revolving around whatever the hub is. If you become an original thinker and you are an original doer in your own way, you are outside of everyone else and that will cause difficulty.

Alternatively, seek to be original in your thinking and actions in the sense that you do not go along with the crowd. Do what you need to do to further your spiritual growth. Ignore manmade considerations because they will not bring you closer to harmony and balance, but will take you further away. This can be witnessed by the amount of disease, disharmony and disunity we have in our country and the world over.
Do not get caught up in seeking to be like everyone else. But, in your originality, be mindful that you do not create a situation that will create a problem for you that you rationalize by saying that you are just seeking to be original.

There are two Universal Teachings that I would have you incorporate into your daily lives. They are: “Everything in moderation” and “Excess leads to rejection.” As you go through daily life, keep those in the back of your mind so that as you are being original, you do it in moderation and in such a way that does not negatively affect your relationships with other people.

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