WoW – All questions will eventually be answered.

There are really only two or three questions that require answers. But, the only way they will be answered is if you make an exerted effort to crawl inside your head and understand why you are here and what your purpose is. Beyond that, it does not matter what the other questions are.

The questions that plague all of us are the same. Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? The answers go back to our entry into the material plane. The story of Adam and Eve is very interesting because, symbolically, it denotes that man became enamored with the material plane. Eve biting the apple from the Tree of Knowledge represents that man(kind), understanding the nature of the material plane, got involved and became enamored. We still are.

We love the glitz and glitter and are distracted by it. We are so caught up in materialism that we have lost sight of the true purpose, which is cleansing the man-made misconceptions of reality and values from our subconscious minds and getting back to our Divine spiritual state. We do that by understanding the concepts that we have incorporated into our lives and, beyond that, into our souls.

Each life cycle is an opportunity to cleanse the misconceptions of our perceived reality from our soul so that it can continue on its journey to the reunification with the God force, the Creative Continuum. We have gifts and abilities to help us do that.

There are twelve spiritual gifts with which every soul is endowed. Some souls develop one more readily than the others, which does not mean that the others do not exist. What are your gifts? How can you use your gifts, your insights, your understandings to help bring harmony and balance to everything you do and facilitate that same energy with everyone you come into contact with so that you can help them achieve the same thing?

As man sheds these manmade concepts of right, wrong, values, standards and guides, maybe he/she will get past making judgments about others and seek to help them to help themselves become more aligned and attuned with the God force.

Each day seek to understand what you do, why you do it, and what questions you face. Look within your Self for insights and understandings. Occasionally, there are others who can be of assistance to you. But no one has walked in your shoes, no one has had your life experiences, no one is dealing with the exact same concepts and the manifestation of those concepts and patterns of behavior that you are. There are similarities, but the issue is not them, it is you. The best way for you to fix you is to understand the questions and seek true answers … not the easy, rational, logical or justifiable answers.

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