WoW – Stay on a clear course.

A couple of posts ago I talked about starting something new. How appropriate that the next saying is this one. You would think that staying on course is an easy practice. However, for some it is the most difficult thing they can do. There are so many distractions.

Distractions are a great tool of the mind that seeks out failure. Said differently, it is the concept of success/failure at work. Someone may have the greatest abilities you have ever seen, and you cannot understand why they are not the winner you think they should be. The trouble is that they do not see themselves that way. But, that is only the superficial answer. The real answer is that if they were to succeed they would be rejected from “the doorway home”, and we all want to go home to the spiritual plane from whence we came.

Seek to identify the distractions that are blocking you from moving forward. Make a “To Do” list everyday. Prioritize what you need to accomplish so there is growth. Organize your time. If you are office bound, set times for returning calls, another segment for emails, another for the creative aspects of the projects. Set reminders in your calendars.

If you do not seek to improve then you will rationalize and justify everything you have done that was not really in keeping with the goal of forward movement and growth. The mind is wonderful at rationalizing and justifying everything.

Do not justify. Magnify your life. Be the light you are and shine brightly.

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