WoW – Be afraid of only standing still.

I did think that this was a good piece of advice because when you are standing still you are in regression. Life is forever moving forward with or without you.

Of course, there is strength to be found in everything if you know how to look. So here are a few positive thoughts on standing still. It will give you an opportunity to observe what is going on around you and, if you are aware enough, what is happening within you. Standing still can allow you to regroup, catch your breath, and devise a new plan of action.

Standing still can also allow for a decision to be made that will be on the mark. But it can also lead you off the mark. I am trying not to use the terms that so many are accustomed to, such as good or bad; right or wrong. These are value judgments that we project onto others and ourselves.

When you are standing still in an evolving universe you are going backwards. Things are always moving forward regardless of how you may feel about them. The choice is yours to make.

If you feel the need to stand still for a moment to catch your breath, that is one thing. When you stand still for an hour, day, week, month or more, you may be troubled with doubt or fear. The fear of change just may be the culprit. If you are standing still because you do not believe that you have the right, authority, ability, permission, know how, resources, etc., just know that it is inaccurate. The mind can rationalize and justify every consideration and position you take about moving forward so that you will forget about it. However, do not lose sight of the Teaching that you are never placed in a situation that you cannot master.

You are a part of God and, therefore, you have all of the power, right and authority to move forward in, and to, a position of strength. Move forward with clarity. See and understand the doubt at work so that it is not a factor. Make sure you are moving in a good direction, not one that is based on old patterns of behavior. Seek to understand what has held you back in the past.

Here is a Universal Teaching that I work with: use what you have and more will be given. Move forward and the results will amaze you.

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