WoW – Money is not meant to be served.

I had to think for a moment about this expression, these words of wisdom. On the surface it seems clear enough. You should see money for what it is, not what most of us have been led to believe. It is not God or salvation.

Money is a tool. Tools are what you use to fix, build, create or express yourself. It is also a form of aid for both loved ones and strangers alike. Remember that the sun shines on both the just and unjust. Do not make value judgments of others.

Being a servant implies that you live to serve the needs of the master. When money becomes your master you believe that your future depends on you serving it and it can, and often does, create problems. You lose sight of what is really important.

The expression “it’s just business” is a perfect example of the tool becoming the master and the servant who can justify every thoughtless action as being okay because it serves money, the drive for greater profits.

It seems that most folks feel that they never have enough money and place the blame on others. They do not pay me enough. They limit my income. Nonsense, you limit yourself through many different avenues of thought and attitude about things.

You are the master of your ship and destiny. If you do not like the direction of the vessel, jump ship or change directions. If you cannot do that – and most feel, think, believe they cannot – then seek to re-examine your perceptions of Self. See other ways that you can become in control of how you are and how you earn your money.

See money for what it is and you may find that the journey goes smoother and you are not beholding to anyone for sustenance. You are co-creating your reality. What does it look like?

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