WoW – Actively pursue the good in all particulars in your life.

It is interesting how life throws you so many curves, and some of them are not good at all. When you come across a particular thing you are involved in and you find the good in it, that is the time to build on it.
We all know that there are enough negative things going on in our daily comings and goings because of the way life is and the way situations are. It requires an exerted effort to find the good sometimes. But, if you concentrate and focus on it and direct your mind to see it, then it becomes more noticeable.

The more you train your vision to see certain things and create a positive attitude to deal with those things, the better off you are. From that perspective, you end up dealing with everything from a position of strength. The goal in life is to be able to deal with every situation from a position of strength. Remember, there are fundamentally four perspectives you will use in everything: emotional, spiritual, social and material/physical.

When you come across that which is not good, the thing to do is to try to understand why it is not good. Are you contributing to this situation that is less than wonderful and good? What are you contributing to that which you would evaluate as being negative? The more in touch you are with your Self, the easier it is to find the good in everything. You have seen it within your Self and it gives you an opportunity to manifest it in everything you do. And if you have not seen it, then you are not looking hard enough.

Never believe the negative about yourself. After all, you are a part of the God Force. How can you be anything less than wonderful?

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