WoW – Be patient. Patience can wait for anything.

This is very true but not always in your best interest. Maintaining patience is a very difficult thing to do. How patient can you be when you are dealing with certain situations?

Sometimes patience can be a virtue, and sometimes it can work against you. You can be so patient in a particular matter that you miss an opportunity to move forward because you think you are waiting on all of the pieces to fall into place. Unfortunately, when that does not happen within the time frame that works to your benefit, then there is no choice but to try and move forward. When you continue to wait beyond the time that you set up then you are liable to lose other opportunities lay ahead.

In reality, you may have everything you require. If what you think you need is something of a physical nature then seek to discover an alternative that will work within your projected time frame. While you are in the patient holding pattern, use the time as an opportunity to observe and question everything involved from as many different angles as possible.

See and question whether or not you feel you have the resources to advance. You can always wait, like the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting for Godot”. Time passes and nothing ever happens and Godot never shows up. So, patience can also work against you in that you can miss opportunities for forward movement and growth.

The best of all times to be patient is when concepts within your subconscious mind have been triggered and you feel the need to express your self in terms of anger or violence. When this happens and you are NOT patient, you may say something to someone that you will deeply regret later. Once a harsh word is spoken it is impossible to take it back.

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