WoW – Never look back.

I could not disagree more! There is so much strength to be gained from the past. True, there is difficulty, but there is the old cliché that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger. Since you are reading this I assume you are still in the material plane. See how strong you are? You have survived all of those difficulties, hurts and pains.

Your mind uses the past as a reference point. Whenever you see or hear something that stimulates a concept in your subconscious, your mind looks back to see how you handled it in the past. This gives your emotional self a plan of action. Your mind will then set in motion events, thoughts, attitudes and the energy necessary to complete the transaction based on past experience. This is the key reason your personal “history repeats itself.”

There are two teachings to help you overcome your past history and to set you on a path that will allow you to complete the future the way that you really want it to manifest. The first is “look back in order to see ahead”, which is in the Bible. (See Ecc. 3:15) The other is “draw on your past successes.” They assure you that you do have the wherewithal to accomplish whatever it is you need to do in the now. This is also akin to another teaching shared in a previous post, which is “use what you have and more will be given.”

Of course, there is some truth to the words put forth in the saying, “never look back.” It is this; do not draw on the past things in your life that have caused you pain and misery. There are things, situations and events in the past that are hurtful and you still may bear the scars today. Do not let them impede your growth and development. Use them. More importantly, understand why they occurred so that you can truly avoid them in the future.

Life flows in cycles, and your patterns of behavior use those cycles to prove the concept. Change your outcome so that the cycle is not rolling forward, but instead becomes a spiral taking you higher and deeper into the bosom of the Creative Continuum called God. Therein lies the journey for all of us. This spiral allows for creative expression in all that you do, which, in turn, will bring peace, balance and harmony.

You cannot hold on to the past if you are going to have a new and more fulfilling future.

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