WoW – Do not disregard your mistakes.

Mistakes are wonderful learning tools. They can help you prevent similar “mis-takes” from occurring in the future. More importantly, if you seek to understand why you were led in that direction to make the decision that became a “mistake”, then you will have a great insight, which could lead to an understanding that will put you in a position of strength the next time a similar event occurs. And it will occur because we are all repeating our personal histories.

When I use the phrase “led in that direction” I am not implying that “the devil made you do it.” I am saying that every choice we make is motivated from deep within our subconscious minds. It is doing so to fulfill expectations that we embrace about our Self, even when we are not truly aware of that.

Only through understanding can we truly effect change within ourselves, which will create a new and improved “without”. All of life is built from the inside out.

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