WoW – Love carries great expectations.

And it carries many other things, as well. There is so much to be said about the concept of love, and all of the concepts related to those concepts, that the simple and easy thing to say is seek to develop Divine Love.

Divine Love is seeing every person as an aspect of God. In doing that you are able to forgive all of the perceived wrongs you think they have done to you. Remember that everyone, you included, is always trying to fulfill subconscious expectations of self. In doing that they may do things that you do not think are right or proper or smart or thoughtful, etc. Seek to realize differently that if their transactions hurt you, then you, too, have a degree of responsibility in creating the transactions that you deem hurtful. The Doctrine of Personal Responsibility says that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

Expectations are another arena of life wrought with disappointment and joy on so many levels. We all have expectations on how we think those we are involved with should act towards us, in public, in private, in social situations, etc. You may be disappointed in their behavior in certain situations. When that is the case, seek to understand what it is that they are doing that is not in keeping with what you think they should be doing. What are your expectations based on? If you can learn what those expectations are then you can begin to get a handle on your emotions and that alone will be an important step in being healthy on all levels.

Consider the fact that the heart is symbolic of the emotions and that heart attacks and cardiovascular disease are still our number one killers. What does that say to you?

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