WoW – Let anger die quickly.

What a beautiful thought this is. If only it could be so. Anger has a way of eating at us and is one of the four causes of cancer. Resentment, frustration and guilt are the other energies that eat you alive.

The question that comes up with anger is: What is it that you are angry about? Have you been insulted, affronted, belittled or humiliated? What triggered the anger? Then, go beyond it and seek to understand why in order to let it go.

Try to understand what is within yourself that is prone to the anger. What subconscious concepts have been triggered? Therein lies the secret. If you know what it is that can get your goat, then is it easier to let it go very quickly. The longer you hold onto something, the longer it will fester and the angrier you will become, in which case you will vent your anger on everything and everyone, which is what most people do.

You may not be the cause of someone’s angry outburst; you just happened to be convenient, at the right place at the right time. The reason I say that is because if you are the recipient, you drew it to you. Now the question is, why?

When it comes to Self, which is the only anger you can control and dissipate, seek to understand the truth of the cause so you can let it go and it can die quickly.

In these economic times it is easy to fall into the mindset of uncertainty. That energy leads to doubt and fear, which can manifest in the expression of anger. Keep in mind that 93% of the work force is employed and therefore money is flowing. Tap into that awareness and energy, and anger will not have an opportunity to manifest in your life.

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