WoW – It takes money to make money

Unfortunately, there is a great degree of truth to this saying. The other side of the coin is what if you do not have a dime but you need $10,000?

I remember listening to a tape about possibility thinking. Obviously, I am an advocate of that on many different levels. The tape said something to the effect that if you need $10,000, go to the person you know who has it. If he or she says no, go to two people you know and ask each of them for $5,000. If that does not work, go to four people you know and ask each of them for $2,500. If need be, go to 10,000 people and ask each for $1.00.

Never stop considering possibilities. Never cease to project ahead and try to figure out all the different ways you can achieve what you are seeking to accomplish. There is an old cliché that says “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Think in terms of possibilities. Do not develop myopic perspectives on what you have to achieve. It is like selling and buying. From the sales perspective, you have multiple closes. What I discovered in looking at shelves is that it is astounding how many of the same item are on the same shelf. On some levels it is redundant and unnecessary. But there is a myopic perspective, and some buyers feel that they have to have a particular ingredient from 27 different manufacturers. If you have it from 4 manufacturers, that is wonderful because it opens up the shelf space for so many more innovative, creative products.

The same thing holds true for your thinking. If you go about doing things from only one, two, three or four perspectives, that is fine. You do not need ten perspectives. You need to find the four that work the best for you. Keep in mind that the number 4 represents advancement or a block. This is how I arrived at that interpretation: 1 equals unity; 2 equals balance and harmony; 3 the combination of unity and balance and harmony equals understanding; understanding and being unified within the self will allow for advancement.

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