WoW – It is harder than we remember to be a child.

If ever a thing was said with truth to it, this is one of them. It is so difficult to be non-defensive and to be full of play and joy and non-concern. It is interesting that one of the things Jesus said repeatedly is that we are to be like children, because you cannot enter the Kingdom unless you are like a child. What does that mean? Is it possible that the Kingdom of God is within (based on what Jesus said), but it is our ego and defenses that suppress those gifts, abilities and power? If we can become like children, then we can lower and relinquish our defenses because we know we are part of something incredible and wonderful. Because of that, we have no pain other than the emotional pain of ego.

God is indifferent because he said that he gave us dominion over everything. So, get out there and dominate, but do it in a loving and playful way as a child would, knowing that there is no need to be defensive and that you are a part of something phenomenal. Know that there is joy to be found in everything. Stop looking with the eyes of an adult. Stop being so concerned with material considerations that it overshadows your consciousness. Stop serving mammon.

In the Bible, it says that you cannot serve two masters and that you cannot serve God and mammon. Remember, you are God. Period. We all know the clichés from the metaphysical speakers. But what most people do not know, including ministers I have spoken with, is that Mammon was the Persian god of riches. Isn’t that what we strive for, especially in this country? Isn’t that what denotes success and accomplishment? But, is it really success?

Think hard on these words and see how you can become more harmonious with all around you. See how you can find play time and joyful time. Play while you work! If you have worked with me, you have heard me say that if I cannot play then I cannot work. Enjoy your work. Love what you do. As mentioned before, find something in your work to love so you can find joy in all that you do. Play to your heart’s content with consideration. Never take advantage of another person or be so inconsiderate of what is going on that you have no thought or concern for another’s reality.

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