WoW – Grab happiness in the passing moments of life.

Great idea. During our daily comings and goings it is hard to do because we are so distracted by so many meaningless things that come our way. The first question that comes up with this expression is “What is happiness?” To each of us it means something different.

What are the things that excite, inspire, motivate or bring a smile to your heart? These are the treasures one should seek. Life is such a short journey, life by life.

In each life cycle we are here to eliminate the false ideas that man has planted into the collective consciousness about what constitutes happiness. There are so many doctrines on how to be, based on man’s misunderstood purpose of life, that we have stopped exploring the true purpose, meaning and value of life.

See what you can do on a daily basis to find that within yourself that will truly make you happy. There is very little outside of you that will fill that need. Yes, others can participate. But the bottom line is that it is all up to you to be happy. No one can do it for you.

When you find that which fills the bill, then seek to share it with all who are open to it. And as far as those who are not, share it anyway. We teach by example.

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