WoW – Do not pursue fame.

This is difficult for many people. Not in the sense that they are seeking fame, but if you take fame down a couple of levels, what it means differently is to stop being an egomaniac. Stop looking for acknowledgement or praise. Just do whatever it is you have to do. Be clear about who you are and do not seek the approval of others.

Once you start looking for praise, acknowledgment or fame, there is no telling what you would be willing to give up or compromise to achieve it. In giving up there is no telling what will be lost of the Self, which is the most important thing.

Compromise leads to more compromise, and before you know it you are at a place of it just being business. How many lives have been ruined and how many people are now destitute because someone put profit and praise over human considerations. The rationale is always “it’s just business.” Nonsense. That expression is the justification for doing whatever it is that the person wants to do. Keep in mind that the mind can and will find a way to rationalize and justify any and all moves it makes.

Be clear about your motivations. Seek to enhance lives and not to work against others. If you are in a position of authority, first try to resolve any situation with understanding, communication and training if necessary. When that fails and you have made a true effort to fix the problem, yet the person still does not change, then you are in the right place to end the relationship without the excuse of it being “just business”.

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