WoW – Clearly examine your motives

This is great advice and very appropriate to start a new year. The beauty of it is that if you are constantly searching to understand why you do what you do, then when you arrive at certain insights it will give you the strength to make the alterations in your thinking and demonstrations of your attitude. That will enhance your ability to alter the outcome to something more in keeping with where you want to go, not where you are programmed to go.

Sometimes, if not all the time, your motives are coming from your subconscious mind, which seeks to fulfill certain expectations. Remember, the ego is always trying to validate itself and trying to prove that it is what it thinks it should be. Disease is the result of conflict that evolves between your subconscious expectations of Self and your conscious desires of who and what you want to be.

To facilitate the examination process, learn to utilize your dreams and direct them. If you are dealing with a situation that requires greater clarity, ask your Self certain questions before you fall asleep at night so that your mind will be able to work on it. It will certainly give you an answer when you wake up in the morning, and perhaps more during the day.

Once you know what your motives are, you are in a position of strength to change the outcome. Your motives are going to drive you toward achieving your subconscious expectations. You could use the strength of motives and motivation to achieve what you want to achieve based on your spiritual bent and not necessarily your material, ego or emotional considerations.

New Year resolutions can be achieved by starting the process with an examination of your motives. It will help clear the way to successful outcomes.

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