WoW – Don’t wait for the ideal time to begin something.

You would think that this does not require me rambling about it. Yet I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that the time was not right to start a business of their own, or clean up their life, or work on the kids, or the employees or do the job.

There is no tomorrow, and yesterday is gone. However, you can use them both to create the reality you want, provided you start realizing that you started yesterday. The first time you said “yes” to anything was a stepping stone on a particular path that you were going to traverse for awhile. How long the path lasts is up to you.

When you started reading these ramblings, that was another stepping stone. The reason I say that is because I have heard from so many of you that they have given you something to ponder. Pondering is good. It broadens the mind.

If there is something that you have said “not yet” to, now may be the time to reinvestigate. Consider that most folks are freaking out because of the economy. Think about how many stories there are about people making a fortune during the down times. Maybe your idea is one that could lead you to a place of power and the wonderment of personal freedom – freedom to explore all of the ideas you have had about expressing your true Self. Notice that I did not say “rich” because I feel that is not a worthy goal.

If you are thinking about something, use your mind. It is one of the best tools you have to ensure success. Here’s how. Draw on your past successes. It does not matter how small or trivial you think it may have been. Consider the fact that your mind has stored it as a success. It is a power you can draw on. Project ahead and think how you can take that strength and bring it into the now. Project ahead and see how it can serve you.

Find the similarities in the past successes so that you are building on familiar ground. Use these three Universal Teachings to assist you in your success: Look back in order to see ahead; draw on your past success; use what you have and more will be given. Success is right around the corner, again.

Do not be afraid of the project not succeeding the first, second or even third time. Do not run from failure. It can be a great teacher and can shed light on whatever it is that you are doing that is not allowing the project to unfold the successful way. There is something within that is not allowing it. Figure it out and you will change your reality.

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