WoW – Don’t take life or death too seriously.

I am not sure how I feel about this because life and death both serve a purpose. Death is a doorway to another dimension. Death is the end of a cycle. Death is symbolic of rejection. It is interesting that very few people die of old age. They die from heart attacks, emotional stress, kidney failure (the inability of their bodies to cleanse), they get hit by a truck or a bus seeking to end it all. Death is a doorway to be ever mindful of, because it is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to move forward in life and cleanse for the next cycle.

Life is an opportunity to cleanse the misconceptions of man from one’s mind. Man has imposed upon us many different teachings about how to live that are actually not in keeping with God’s laws and principles. Consider how we strive to be successful. What is the concept of success we work with? Material acquisitions. But who really needs that? You cannot take any of it with you. So, the question is: What is true success? Maybe it is having a harmonious life. I do not use the word “happy” because that could be based on your concepts and your patterns. Having a harmonious life implies, in my mind, experiencing a joyous event with whoever you meet or are spending time with, where there is give and take on both sides and you are striving for a common good, which is balance and harmony in the relationship with no sacrifice, no dominance and no inconsideration. Sometimes, when people take life too seriously it blocks out other opportunities.

I do agree with this particular saying on some levels. But, in truth, we should all strive for understanding because that will bring about balance and harmony.

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