WoW – Communicate in a way as to leave as little room for misunderstanding as possible.

This is truly easier said than done because words have so many ways of being interpreted. Of course, words are always interpreted according to one’s own expectations as to what one is trying to accomplish or what one thinks. I have a rolodex on my desk with three questions attached to the front of it. What did I say? What does that mean to you? How are you going to proceed?

Asking those types of questions leaves little room for doubt as to my intent. So many times we say things that are not clearly understood, and people do not listen to every word that is being said. Sometimes they may hear three out of five words and make assumptions while you are still in the midst of a sentence. Therefore, they do not really get what you are saying. Then, you get frustrated wondering what is wrong with them and why did they not do what you asked them to do. As far as they are concerned, they did.

Speak as clearly as possible and, if need be, speak slowly so people have a chance to capture and process the information and, hopefully, reach an understanding. As you know, understanding is everything. It is truly a key to unlocking the mysteries of your life.

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