WoW – Be yourself.

This is a good one that really requires thought and examination. This reminds me so much of all the statements that supposedly make life easy. Delete this, delete that, stop drawing on your past, be here now, let go and let God.

You know from the reality of your life that none of it really works that way. You know this because every now and then you find yourself right back where you thought you had mastered a situation or pattern of behavior using all of those wonderful statements.

You are where you are because history repeats itself and your personal history is not exempt from that Teaching, regardless of what they tell you. Yes, the circumstances and physical reality appear to be different. However, under closer scrutiny you can see that the same energy of past similar experiences is there.

Life is a challenge. It is a journey filled with many wonderful and difficult things. All of your experiences are learning opportunities that can lead you to mastery when you understand what supports them on a subconscious level. The secret is to find and focus on constantly creating the wonderful. This can be achieved when you are clear about who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is – the age old questions that we seek to understand.

Here are some thoughts to ponder and some to realize. There are four self’s that come into play almost everyday of your life. The self that will be dominant depends on the situation. The selves are: emotional, spiritual, social and material. Let us start with the material self since it represents your body and your physical reality in the material plane.

Your body is an energetic symbolic representation of your subconscious concepts. Examine your physical self – body style, levels of health, dis-eases, etc. Your financial reality is also based on your subconscious ideas of who you think you are supposed to be, as well as what you think you are capable of having, deserve to have, and so on. Your subconscious concepts are the foundation of your life and they are the emotional self that believes and works at creating the reality you think you should be living

Your emotional self is that aspect that comes into play in relationships. It is your ego at work. It is how you think about yourself in every role that you are involved in. This is the self that is dominant in all of your relationships. It is where your joy, happiness, sadness and disappointments dwell. It is the continued culmination of your experiences based on how you think your life should be.

Are you getting the picture that your life is the result of your subconscious expectations and your unrelenting desire to fulfill them to validate you are who you think you should be?

Your social self is the self you become in social situations. For some it is a completely different aspect of self that comes to the forefront. In some instances it is one that anyone recognizes as being you.

The spiritual self deals with your faith – your faith in your Self. This is called a working faith. It is based on the knowledge that you can do something because it is pulling on your past where you have been successful in handling a very similar situation.

The faith in “God will do it for me” is considered “blind faith” because in truth God has already given you everything you need to succeed and acquire all that you seek.

Make your life and reality the one that you truly want; not the one that is expected of you. Know yourself and that truth will set you free from your patternistic ways of dealing with life.

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