WoW – Appreciate the many things that make your life so valuable.

It is interesting to note that we are constantly surrounded by negative input through music, news, movies, etc. Of course, not all movies are negative. There are some uplifting, inspiring films, and there are some educational programs that can be found on television to help inspire and enlighten. But, more often than not, we are bombarded with programs that diminish the glow of life.

What one needs to do is look within one’s own reality to find and see the sunshine that dwells behind every cloud. This goes back to finding the one thing in your job that you can look forward to getting up and doing. You may hate the job, but you have to keep the job, so there is something there that can be found to make it worthwhile.

There are multiple things in your life that can be looked at and discovered and incorporated into more activity that would be wonderful for your life. If you have family, have companionship, a job that you like, if you have a creative expression, a cause you believe in and can contribute to and work for, then you have more of an opportunity to participate in and enjoy life. Look for things that really have personal value, spiritual value, social value and emotional value.

Notice that I did not say material value because that is an illusion and a distraction. Look at all the people you know who have a ton of money and drive a Mercedes, Lexus or Hummer. Are they any happier than the guy driving the Chevy or the Toyota? More often than not, the answer is “No”. In truth, some are worse off. They always have a protective mindset. You cannot be friends with someone who is ultra-rich unless you are ultra-rich, because they think you are there because of their money and for their money. So, they lose opportunities because of their own fear of not having.

Do not build your castle upon sand. Make it a sturdy edifice based on quiet strength, personal power and joy within, because it will never come from the without. The without is the external, because money can never fill the holes that people feel within themselves. Know yourself and you fill in the holes.

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