WoW – Act the part and you will become the part.

To a great degree, there is a lot of truth in that saying. It is along the lines of, “Fake it till you make it” and “Dress for success” because first impressions are vitally important. But, the question that really presents itself from all of this is: when people make it, are they able to maintain it? Can they keep it going? Which is the harder part? Therein lies the crux of things.

All of the positive affirmations and motivational speakers can take you to a place. There is a movie called “The Secret”, which is all about manifesting your intent, programming what you want, telling yourself repeatedly and visualizing what it is that you want. All of these do work. That is the beauty of your mind. Your mind is co-creating your reality based on your expectations and beliefs. So, once you “make it”, the real secret in keeping it is to understand what concepts within your subconscious would block you from that.

If it is not concurrent with your belief system and who you think you should be, then it will be virtually impossible to maintain this new level of identity and reality and understanding. This is why so many people get to a certain point and either cannot go any further or they fall back. If you know what it is that would stop you, then you can continue to climb and excel, internally and externally, because what is within will manifest without.

In order to ensure success, think about the four P’s: Plan, Prepare, Project, Provide. Plan your work and work your plan. Prepare: find out everything you need in order to succeed. Think of everything you need in terms of preparation to make your plan a success, then Project. What are all the obstacles you would come up against externally and internally? Then Provide the necessary insights and understandings to help you overcome the obstacles so you will succeed.

Another aspect of this is mastering your craft. It does not matter whether you are a musician, a writer, a painter, a salesperson, an executive, or an accountant. Seek to truly understand it and practice it daily so that it not only becomes a discipline and second nature to you, but you hone your skills, your understandings, your ability to perceive and your abilities to present. Once you master it, never forgetting the internal aspect of understanding what would stop you, you have the opportunity to create it into an art form. May you create wonderful realities based on your art form.

A military man once told me about the 5 P’s of the military: Poor Planning Promotes Poor Performance.

Plan well.

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