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We are going to begin this blog by taking a look at some words of wisdom that you have probably heard many times throughout your life. However, we are going to expand these old adages and offer a deeper understanding of the meanings behind them. We will preface each Words of Wisdom post with “WoW” to distinguish them from other posts. We think WoW is a very appropriate acronym for them, too.

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WoW – Help others as they help you.

This sounds like “If you do something for me, then I’ll do something for you.” Ideally, it would be so much better for humanity if we all did for others without any expectation of anything in return and do things … More

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WoW – Do not become what you cannot stand.

Why would you? Under normal circumstances you would not. Sometimes circumstances place you in a situation where you have to do or say something or act in a particular way, which is not the way you want to be. I … More

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WoW – A person is not deceived by others. He deceives himself.

There is an element of truth to this. It relates back to the cliché, “You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.” Both of those are tied into our subconscious concepts that we … More

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WoW – Dream big.

The secret to this is in keeping with your expression and desires. Do not short change yourself. The beauty of your mind is that you can achieve whatever you conceive. I think this was first said by one of the … More

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WoW – Believe in yourself with all your tenacity.

How true this is. If you do not believe in yourself, who will? Believing in yourself has a power unto itself. It gives you strength. The power of your convictions gives you the fortitude to persevere when others tell you … More

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WoW – Love all, trust a few, and wrong no one

Now here’s a challenge if ever there was one. In fact, this particular thought was presented to us over 2,000 years ago. I’m not sure if it is in the Old Testament, but it certainly is in the New Testament. … More

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WoW – Perform acts of goodness from within.

This ties into loving without expecting anything in return. When you perform acts of goodness, such as helping an elderly person across the street or lifting a bag or opening a door, it makes you feel good by doing so … More

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WoW – Do not become angry with people who do not agree with your opinion.

Everyone has an opinion. The best you can hope for is that others respect yours. If they don’t, c’est la vie. Be a better person by accepting theirs. However, never hesitate to put yours out there. Maybe you have an … More

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WoW – Realize that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

This is true on many different levels. The word marriage can be applied to more than a relationship with another human being. Marriage is basically any relationship. On some levels, man has made it into a contractual agreement where each … More

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WoW – Do something of your own design.

This is akin to last week’s words of wisdom about being original. I will refer you back to the comments on that post, since that would be your design. If you have an idea about something, work at it. Maybe … More

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