Disease Symbology Handbook
Title: Disease Symbology Handbook
Status: Second Edition
Author: Michael Schwartz
Pub Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9796884-5-4
Price: $22.95
Pages: 386
Shelving Category: Spirituality/Nutrition/Health
Format: Quality Trade Paperback, 7 1/2" x 9"
Fact Sheet
The book provides a powerful thought provoking and insightful perspective into the emotional causes of accidents, conditions and diseases. Additionally it provides the essential nutritional guidance required for repairing and arresting the condition or disease from further progression. The symbolic insights to the condition or disease and the body part affected and the nutrients to be used strengthen the curative factors and energies when applied.

  • Breakthrough work on how diseases and common physical conditions are symbolic representations for the real underlying emotional causes.
  • A powerful system for healing and recovery in all aspects of life- emotional, social, spiritual and physical/material.
  • Reference work style.

  • Symbols are a living language that reveals the energy of what truly is.
  • See your situations from a different point of view.
  • Harmonize and balance the mind/body.
Symbology includes the study of:
Concepts - the foundation of how a person thinks and how it links to disease
Patterns of Behavior - continually finding yourself in the same "place" even though the surroundings may have changed
Cycles - how patterns flow and how to "read" symbols to change the nature of the patterns of behavior.
How Does Symbology Work?
By "reading" symbols you can see where you are in a particular pattern of behavior. This gives you an opportunity to "see" your situations from a different point of view. By "seeing" it, you have the opportunity to change the nature of the pattern, thus creating a new outcome, a new level of health in all areas of your life.

Table of Contents
Section I: From the Inside Out
     1. The Guiding Principles: Universal Teachings
     2. Fundamental Principles
	   Spirit, Mind, and Emotions 
	   Brain-Body Connection
	   Metaphysical Body-Mind Nutrition  
     3. How the Mind Works and Why
	   How Life Works
	   Rejection as a Form of Approval
	   Concepts, Patterns of Behavior, and Cycles 
     4. The Multiple Selves
Section II: Mysteries Revealed
     1. Symbols: The Living Language
     2. Symbolic Significance of the Body
     3. Symbolic Significance of Common Ailments
	   Drug Causes, Autoimmune Diseases & Defenses
     4. Accidents
Section III: Physical Manifestations in the Body and Understanding Their Cure   
     1. Symbolic Significance of Conditions
	 and Diseases
	 Backache, Cancer, Colds and Flu, Emphysema, Energy
	 Problems, Fertility Problems (Male and Female), Intestinal
	 Cleansing, Kidney Cleansing, Osteoporosis, Thyroid issues,
	 Water Retention, Weight Loss & More
Section IV: Basic Nutrition
     1. Symbolic Significance of the Nutrients
         Calcium, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A & More
Section V: Tomorrow ? A New Future
     1. The Return to Health
     2. Choices
     3. Changes