Inner Health Books
Inner Health Books is dedicated to providing insightful and inspirational information that is guaranteed to assist the individual in achieving excellent health on all levels. The information is based on the Universal Teachings.
The Teachings are the foundation of many of today's religious and spiritual movements and organizations. These Teachings have been passed down to man through many different channels throughout the ages. They are based on the Fundamental Laws and Principles that govern all consciousness.
When an individual understands the true workings of the mind and its interwoven relationship and connection to the creation of material matter, then the acquiring of stated and envisioned goals is enhanced.
Inner Health Books assures improvement of the Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Material/Physical Self when the insights and understandings provided are incorporated into the daily practices of the person.
Media is provided in the form of books, charts, tapes and CD's at very affordable prices. Seekers of greater knowledge will want to have these invaluable items in their library.